ZNE Alliance is a 501 c3 not-for-profit organization whose projects span the silos of energy services and sustainable mobility.
We work on purpose-built project teams to develop and deploy integrated strategies, maximize value streams, and achieve customer goals for ROI and GHG reductions.



To partner with communities and organizations to articulate and achieve a zero net energy future.


In the Alliance  community:

  • 100% of energy is renewably sourced
  • Buildings meet a ZNE Standard
  • Passenger and goods movement is electric, clean and convenient

  • Land, food systems, and the built environment are optimized for health, sustainability, and carbon sequestration
  • Clean energy jobs are abundant.


                                                                  Our Team

Richard Schorske, Executive Director

With extensive experience in energy and environment-related multi-stakeholder initiatives and market acceleration, Richard has founded and directed several public and nongovernmental organizations to drive large-scale GHG reduction impact and accelerate emerging clean energy technologies. Earlier in his career, Richard served as Executive Director of Workforce Silicon Valley, and as founder and Executive Director of the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership.

As Executive Director of the ZNE Alliance and the EV Alliance, Richard brings together a wide range of cutting-edge technology partners to uncover new opportunities for emissions reduction and cost savings.

Sharon Tobar, Chief Financial Officer

AS CFO of ZNE Alliance, Sharon brings over 30 years of experience in all dimensions of financial management, planning, resource development, capital facilities planning, HR and risk management in corporate, nonprofit, and academic settings. 

 With senior management experience in diverse sectors — including energy, broadband, accounting, law, and education, Sharon provides a cross-industry perspective to Alliance projects. 

Jane Chipman, Senior Consultant

After receiving her MBA at MIT’s Sloan School, Jane worked for the Boston Consulting Group. She left management consulting to return to her passion in advanced energy.

With a multifaceted background in strategy consulting, international cleantech business development, and financial analysis,  Jane brings a comprehensive business perspective to ZNE Alliance projects. She both manages ZNE Alliance projects and uses her analytical expertise to tease out nuances and insights from data.


ZNE Alliance does not currently have openings. We invite interested applicants to send resumes and cover letters to info@znealliance.net, and we will reach out when we have openings.



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