ZNE Alliance partners with a diverse group of thought leading solutions providers, organizations and communities to achieve world-class results for a better future.

Organizations and Communities

ZNE Alliance engagement with Advanced Energy Communities: ZNE Alliance is the only organization in the state to seek and win two of the highly competitive Advanced Energy Community awards, funded by the California Energy Commission.

The Advanced Energy Communities are the first wave of ZNE city initiatives that the Alliance will be sponsoring throughout California and beyond in the coming years.

If your community is interested in becoming a ZNE Alliance City, contact us.

Lancaster, CA
Lancaster, CA AEC
The Lancaster Advanced Energy Community (AEC) Project is pioneering interconnected ZNE technologies to support community energy and emissions goals in Lancaster and beyond. Project elements include:

  • Overcome adoption barriers and accelerate the development of ZNE residential communities and community-wide Distributed Energy Resource (DER) networks, linking solar PV, grid-integrated EVs, and energy storage
  • Provide tools and training for other local governments and project developers to advance ZNE communities and integrated renewable energy and e-mobility networks

To learn more about the Lancaster AEC Project, visit the Lancaster project page.

Richmond, CA
Richmond, CA AEC
The Richmond Advanced Energy Community (AEC) Project will create revolutionary ZNE solutions in disadvantaged cities by providing innovative financial models (Social Impact Bond & Green Revolving Fund) to support comprehensive ZNE initiatives, including renewable energy networks, EV incentives and infrastructure, and ZNE home rehabilitation. Goals include:

  • Facilitate deep energy reduction via ZNE-focused codes & policies
  • Transform abandoned, blighted homes into affordable ZNE homes
  • Advance local clean energy development and increased energy resilience
  • Accelerate adoption and grid-integration of electric vehicles

To learn more about the Richmond AEC Project, visit the Richmond project page.

Additional Organization and Community Partners coming soon.

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