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ZNE Alliance is a nonprofit organization partnering with leading communities and organizations to advance a zero net emissions future. The Alliance deploys integrative approaches to rapid decarbonization at city and regional scales – working across the domains of clean energy, the built environment, sustainable mobility, and climate finance.


Current projects include Advanced Energy Community initiatives in Richmond and Lancaster California, Fleet Electrification and EV planning initiatives throughout the state, and regional climate finance and action strategies in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.





Richard Schorske

Executive Director

With extensive experience in energy and environment-related multi-stakeholder initiatives and market acceleration, Richard has founded and directed several public and nongovernmental organizations to drive large-scale GHG reduction impact and accelerate emerging clean energy technologies. Earlier in his career, Richard served as Executive Director of Workforce Silicon Valley, and as founder and Executive Director of the Marin Climate and Energy Partnership.


As Executive Director of the EV Alliance and ZNE Alliance, Richard brings together a wide range of cutting-edge technology partners to uncover new opportunities for emissions reduction and cost savings.




ZNE Alliance does not currently have openings.

We invite interested applicants to send resumes and cover letters to

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