Our Initiatives

EV Alliance

EV Alliance helps drive mass adoption of EVs by scaling best practices in transportation electrification. Focus areas include comprehensive EV action planning, consumer awareness, state and local policy, incentives, fleet adoption, smart charging, and Vehicle-Grid Integration. In partnership with governments, utilities, fleet operators, manufacturers, and transportation agencies we work to advance ambitious electrification and clean air goals.

Advanced Energy Communities

ZNE Alliance is partnering with diverse cities to build Zero Net Carbon Advanced Energy Communities (AEC). In the AEC, residents enjoy near-Zero Net Energy buildings, 100% renewable energy, and transportation that is electric, clean, and accessible to all.

California Opportunites For Procurement (CAL-OP)

Accelerating Clean Energy (ACE)

The California Opportunities for Procurement initiative -- known as Accelerating Clean Energy (ACE) -- is bringing together best-in-class providers of Energy Efficiency and Distributed Energy Resource solutions with California’s largest institutional buyers to scale-up emission reductions and cost savings.

ZNE Buildings

Learn how we are promoting technological, financial, and community innovations in the built environment to reduce costs, cut emissions, and create healthier Zero Net Energy Buildings.