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School Bus Electrification

It is becoming abundantly clear that like many sectors dominated by fossil fuels, school bus transportation is rapidly changing. To address both the public health challenge of toxic air pollution and the climate crisis, California is planning to ban the sale of internal combustion passenger vehicles by 2035, and to phase out fossil fueled trucks and buses by 2045. Similarly, the federal government has set aside $5 billion for school bus electrification as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. In response to these trends, many school districts find themselves wanting to further accelerate fleet electrification, and immediately gain the health, environmental, and economic benefits available to early electric fleet adopters. This webpage is intended to answer questions the reader may have about transportation electrification


It is important to select electric buses that will meet the needs and budgetary restraints of a school district. Click below for more information on electric school bus characteristics, manufacturers, and performance metrics

Climbing on Power Pole

Charging & Infrastructure

Fueling and supporting a fleet of electric school buses can seem daunting, but there are many available resources to help make charging simple, efficient, and cost-effective. Click below to learn about electric vehicle chargers and the underlying electrical capacity that will be needed to keep your buses charged

Grants and Incentives

Various programs are working across federal, state, and local chapters of government to provide school districts with financial incentives for school bus electrification. Click below to learn about specific programs and unlock big potential savings

Working with Financial Documents


Transitioning a diesel fleet to a battery electric one requires commitment and participation from a variety of stakeholders. This section provides information on what steps your district will need to take in order to begin its vehicle electrification process.

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