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General Procurement Information

One of the most common barriers to electric school bus adoption is the procurement process itself. The process of procurement can be lengthy and subject to a variety of school district-specific requirements that may limit product choice and financing flexibility. The slideshow below illustrates the general steps to electric school bus procurement.

Step 1: Gather information and basic data on your fleet

This includes the number, type, and age of the vehicles in your fleet. It will also be important to know the length and characteristics of your fleet's routes, such as total distance and average time to complete. A good understanding of your current fleet characteristics is critical to determining what will be needed for the electrification process.

This is a general overview of how fleet procurement works. However, for electric school bus procurement, sole source contracts may provide an alternative to traditional procurement. Certain regulations, particularly in states like California, allow for certain energy efficiency projects to avoid the bid process and streamline their procurement. For more information on how this may apply to electric school bus procurement, click the link below.

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