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California Opportunities

for Procurement

California Opportunities for Procurement (Cal-OP) Accelerating Clean Energy (ACE)


The ACE Program is a $4M initiative co-developed by ZNE Alliance, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, Energy Solutions, and Prospect Silicon Valley to connect best-in-class technologies to the largest institutional purchasers in California and nationally.


These Green Leadership Cohorts plan to purchase $500M+ of DERs and energy efficiency solutions in the 2018-2025 timeframe. 


  • Leadership Cohorts include the GSA, the California Department of General Services, DOD, the UC Office of the President, CSU, California K-12 Districts, utilities, and key private purchasers

  • Validated technologies will be integrated into Ecomedes -- a exclusive sustainable purchasing platform for the federal government, and the leading platform in many states, cities, and other large public and private purchasers

Cal-OP ACE Project Team

The ACE team is led by Prospect Silicon Valley (PSV), which has partnered with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Energy Solutions, Zero Net Energy Alliance (ZNE Alliance), Local Government Commission (LGC), Ecomedes, TerraVerde Renewable Partners (TVRP), ASWB Engineering, and ProQure™ to launch the Cal-OP ACE Program.

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