Electric School Bus Types

The purpose of this page is to give prospective districts an idea of both the shared and divergent characteristics across different electric bus types. Different districts will require different technical specifications for their bus fleet. Below, each bus type is listed with a summary of their typical specifications. At the bottom are links to the webpages of electric school bus manufacturers for readers looking to learn more



Type A

The smallest version of electric school bus, a Type A bus has a range of 75-150 miles with a battery capacity of 84-168 kWh (~0.90 mi/kWh). On a 50kW charger, it can fully charge in 2-3.5 hours. It weighs about 14,500 pounds and has a seating capacity of only around 30 pupils. Type A buses are the cheapest model of electric school bus, costing between $240,000 and $335,000 before incentives


Type C

The mid-sized Type C electric school bus is significantly bigger than the Type A, with a seating capacity of 70-80 pupils and weighing around 33,000 pounds. At 70.7% of the market share, Type C buses account for the majority of the electric school buses sold in the United States. It has a range between 105-155 miles, a battery capacity between 126-210 kWh (0.75 mi/kWh), and approximate charging times between 2.5-4.25 hours on a 50kW charger. The Type C bus ranges from $250,000 to $400,000 per bus before incentives.



Type D

The largest model of electric school bus, often seating upwards of 80 pupils, Type D buses are also the most expensive, averaging around $350,000 before incentives. Similar to the Type C, its typical range is between 120-155 miles on a full 126-210 kWh battery (0.82 mi/kWh) and takes between 2.5-4.25 hours to fully charge from a 50kW charger. Type D electric buses weigh around 36,000 pounds and can get up to 45 feet in length.


Leading Manufacturers

Leading manufacturers of electric school buses include traditional names such as Bluebird, IC Bus, and Thomas Built, as well as newer companies, such as Lion Electric, who solely produce electric buses

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