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Electric School Bus Types

The purpose of this page is to give prospective districts an idea of both the shared and divergent characteristics across different electric bus types. Different districts will require different technical specifications for their bus fleet. Below, each bus type is listed with a summary of their typical specifications. At the bottom are links to the webpages of electric school bus manufacturers for readers looking to learn more


Type A

Typical Range: 75-150 miles

Length: 23-26 feet

Charge Time: 2-3.5 hours

Cost: $240,000-270,000

Type C

Typical Range: 105-155 miles


Length: 33-40 feet

Charge Time: 2.5-4.25 hours

Cost: $250,000-350,000


Type D

Typical Range: 120-155 miles

Length: 35-40 feet

Charge Time: 2.5-4.25 hours

Cost: ~$350,000

Leading Manufacturers

Leading manufacturers of electric school buses include traditional names such as Bluebird, IC Bus, and Thomas Built, as well as newer companies, such as Lion Electric, who solely produce electric buses

Parked School Buses
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